Constructing a Prusa i3 Rework – Purchase List

I’ve been constructing a RepRap Prusa i3 Rework. Instead of buying a full kit, I’ve bought components from different suppliers choosing the best economical options I could find for each part.

Here is the purchase list of what I’ve bought and where(prices listed are in Australia Dollars):

6mm CNC Cut Plywood Frame – $34.10 – eBay seller 3dprinter_frame

MK2B 12V 24V PCB Heat Bed for Prusa Mendel – $11.07 – eBay SellerĀ elec-mall

5x NTC 3950 Thermistor 100K with 1 metre wire – $5.05 – eBay Seller satisfyelectronics

6x 8mm x 495mm 304 Stainless Steel Smooth Rods – $25 + $9 shipping – eBay Seller billsrepairs

12x LM8UU Linear Bearing for 8mm Shaft – $11.80 – eBay Seller morellitech

10x 624ZZ 4mm x 13mm x 5mm Radial Ball Bearings – $3.30 – eBay Seller shanghaimagicbox4

10x 608ZZ Deep Grove Ball Bearing – $4.99 – eBay Seller shanghaimagicbox4

Borosilicate Glass Plate 200mm x 214 mm – $18 + $7 shipping – eBay Seller learcnc

3mm Cork Heated Bed Insulation – $12.95 – eBay Seller layr3dprinting

2x ACME Leadscrew Tr8x8 300m Brass Nut – $43.95 – eBay Seller learcnc

5x 38mm Nema17 Stepper Motors – $69.85 – eBay Seller learcnc

2m GT2 Timing Belt 2mm Pitch 6mm Width – $5.90 + $2.50 shipping – eBay Seller learcnc

2x GT2 20T Pulley 8mm Bore – $12.90 – eBay Seller learcnc

RepRap Prusa i3 Rework 1.5 ABS 3D Printed Plastic Parts -$37.95 – eBay Seller vuuee

Short J-Head Extruder with Nozzle Heater and Thermistor – $32.00 – eBay Seller billsrepairs

3x Economy Mechanical Endstop – $13.35 + $3.00 shipping – eBay Seller learcnc

This list is a work in progress, I’ll be updating it as I go along. It’s possible some of these items aren’t the right ones. I’ll have to figure that out as I assemble it.