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Creating a Balcony Herb Garden

Updated: See the bottom of the post for what it looks like after 3.5 months!

We’ve been growing some herbs on our balcony for a while, but mostly in their original pots from the nursery. Over the last couple of days I’ve replaced them with some new plants in new pots.

I purchased two rectangular Yates Artesian Classic planter boxes from Bunnings in a terracotta colour. We’ve got another similar Yates Artesian pot for our fern that seems to go great. They’re good because they’re self watering with a large base storage of water which is good for us as our balcony gets quite dry and we don’t always get to water them.

I chose them because I remember Don Burke from Burke’s Backyard mentioned many times that you’re better to get a plastic terracotta look pot than a real terracotta pot. They’re much lighter, last better and don’t dry the plants out as much. The tubs cost $15 each from Bunnings and hold 10 Litres of soil each.

The labels on the Yates pots are annoying though, being hard to properly remove!

We bought the herbs as seedlings from The Plant Shack at Deception Bay, who’s owners have always given us great service. We got:

They cost us $18 for the four.

Update: Here’s what it looks like in late December:

3.5 Months Later: Italian Parsley and Garlic Chives
3.5 Months Later: Italian Parsley and Garlic Chives
3.5 Months Later: Thyme and Oregano
3.5 Months Later: Thyme and Oregano